Today I turned 33, and in those 33 years I’ve been on a quest to be a more productive person. I, like you, understand a lot of the principles of productivity, but understanding and action are often misaligned.

I literally never considered myself a consistent or Habitual type of person, though i’ve always wanted to be. HOWEVER… that is all changing.

For the last 2 weeks i’ve been practicing some of the principles in James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” and I feel Incredible!

I’ll let you know how the habits are going 2 weeks from today but as a little gift heres a file I’ve worked on to help take the principles in the book and apply them to any one habit.

a link to the fully fleshed out atomic habit worksheet template i created on notion.

also a link to the actual book Atomic Habit…

Actually here’s the whole thing if you don’t want to visit Notion. Hopefully It’ll help one person as much as it’s helping me.

Write an Overview, for Clarity.

What is exactly your Desired outcome?

What type of person has that outcome?

What is the person you will no longer be?

Make it Obvious

Implementation Statement, I will do _(behavior) __ at (time) in (location)__.

Habit Stacking, After___current habit____, I will new habit____.

How can you change your environment that will help cue your habit?

Do you actually have the time and energy to begin this habit?

What’s the max amount of time you will spend on this habit? Each Day, Month, Year?

Make it Attractive

Temptation bundle at the begin, bundle a want and a need

What are some of the Benefits you can highlight, Now, and during the behavior?

What group can you join that already practices this behavior?

What activity or treat can you enjoy immediately before the desired action?

What are the Commitment devices you can tie to the behavior?

Make it Easy

Is this the smallest easiest way to become the person you want to be?

Can any part of the behavior, or the time that leads up, or is just following be automated, if so how? (like a reminder)

How will you shape your environment to make the behavior as easy and memorable enjoyable as possible?

How can you master the decisive moment? (when you know either you will do the behavior or you won’t)

What’s the Minimum viable product, downscaled to the 2 min rule? (if succeeding at this habit were to take no longer than 2 mins what would that behavior look like?)

Are there any other ways to reduce friction and make it easier or faster to do this behavior?

Make it Satisfying

What is an Immediate Reward for you can give yourself for completion? (ensure its inline with the actual target, and that it’s commiserate with the difficulty of the task.)

Is it easily Trackable and is that tracking method in an unavoidable place?

Is the actual habit enjoyable, can you make any other part of it enjoyable or find something about it that is enjoyable?

What other senses or stimuli can you include to help cue the behavior or reward?

Final Checklist — It’s Redundant but you can hang up the Answers

Why Do the this Behavior?

Character statement — the type of person you will be?

When will you do it?

What does success look like?

What’s The Process? (include min and max time and effort) I Will do (behavior) for at least (x mins) and no longer than (ymins).

Will you hang a proper photo of a reminder of what you want, why you want it, and when you will do it. (Hung up where seeing it is unavoidable) That includes who you will be, and what you will do. It should be inspiring.

Wishing you the best